Monday, 16 July 2018

SOBHA: Top Builders in Bangalore Developing High Quality & Luxury Property in Bangalore City
Bangalore is the city of dreams for ambitious Indian professionals. It is the place where every Indian wants to settle down at some point of time. And to accommodate all these young aspirants, real estate builders have built beautiful residential complexes with luxurious units to become home. SOBHA is named among the top builders in Bangalore who have contributed towards developing the modern residential complexes in the city. When we look at real estate development in Bangalore in last two decades, we see strong presence of SOBHA Developers. Started from Bangalore, SOBHA is well versed with the choices and requirements of people of Bangalore. SOBHA has developed an insight into what people of want, and it develops homes giving Bangalore people exactly what they need, which has made it the number one developer in Bangalore, and one of the best in the country.

SOBHA has an expertise and experience when it comes to developing the housing options for the people of India. And it is characterised by good quality construction, professional architecture and landscaping, use of good quality raw materials, and providing amenities that make living healthier and happier, not only for the residents, but also for their environment, which brings us to eco-friendly technologies like rain water harvesting systems, solar lighting and sewage treatment plants. Bringing all of this in a competitive price range, SOBHA has established its reputation as one of the best real estate companies in Bangalore. And this has been possible because of the backward integration in the business. Backward integration means manufacturing of the materials for supporting the core business. SOBHA manufactures its own cement and RCC slabs, mattress materials, wood processing and finishing for interiors, and glazing & metal works, which offers three major benefits to SOBHA:

1.       Quality control: Since the manufacturing is in house, quality and consistence can be maintained over bulk orders.
2.       Customization: The material that is manufactured can be customized according to the need of the building being constructed, in terms of shape size, colour, quality and even the amount of different items to be used.
3.       Affordability: The best part of backward integration is that it does not only cuts the cost of material to be used in the building, but it also effectively saves many taxes levied on the purchase of these raw materials for construction.

This business strategy puts SOBHA in the list of one of those very few luxury builders in Bangalore which have planned their business well and are providing ultimate luxury in attractive prices to their clients, without having to bear any losses.

SOBHA has been the biggest high quality builders in Bangalore and one of the biggest in the county, constructing hundreds of great buildings in the city, and thousands in the country to provide luxurious homes for the thriving class of Indians with all the amenities and attractive prices, making it worth every hard earned rupee. This is what makes SOBHA stand out and undoubtedly the number one developer in India.